About Me

I am identified by the name Keshav, familiar to me

Not sure how appropriately this name describes me.

There are many people with this name in our society 

But except for the same sounding name, there is no resemblance in them.

A name most probably spouted by a respectable senior in the family

Or ordered by a holy looking religious leader at the time of my naming day.

I don’t think my parents had any say in assigning that name to me.

When they had no say on choosing their spouse

How would they even imagine self-naming their first child.

Well, that was more than six decades ago.

At this time of associating with WordPress

I am in the pampering care of my beautiful wife, energizing me for 35 years now 

And blessed with two firmly standing sons providing strength & satisfaction to us.

I have been a student of Management Planning – emphasis Planning

Still exploring, imploring, and accumulating the vastness of Planning before Executing.

Ever trying to share my learning of the subject with whoever is interested 

So that my lesson and skill are proved and firmly established for further sharing.

I value friendship, fellowship and sharing of knowledge and things.

I love everybody, many times unable to express it due to odd situations

Or due my timidity – but I do love everybody – saint or rogue no matter.

I like to fellowship with like-minded people, sharing broadly similar value & virtue

So that, after any meeting, we depart in pleasant note, 

Always desiring to meet again soon.

And am desirous of sharing my accumulated knowledge and things, whatever small

With those around my reach, who have expressly less than what I have.

I value people over possessions, property, prestige or power

I enjoy loving people and using things, prefer friendship to firstship.

Though always hopeful, am sometimes sad to see the society

Especially the business and world, taking the reverse route,

They are seen loving things and using people

Always competing to be first by pushing their own friends down.

Hypocritically grinning faces pronounce ”Serving You”, “After You” & “Best Wishes to You”

But in prevalent practice “Fleecing You”,  “I First You Lost” & “Best to Me, Worst to you” 

Striving to share my musings with interested folks

Who would try to extract some meaning in them

And share their feedback – preferably critical ones

Pointing out my weaknesses and blind spots

So that with gratitude I can humbly learn from them.

Please accept my open invitation to all like minded folks

To stroll together sharing small things with each other

For the larger benefit to the society, before we vanish in the eternity.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Keshav, fantastic. Was following your FB posts last few months and noted the metamorphosis. Metamorphosis, may be not the right word, another facet of yours. Looking forward to your inputs. All the Best.

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