There is a subtle commotion in the air, noticed without any notification, that this is the Date day – February 14th. I wonder, rather am at a loss, as to how should I respond to such a situation. 

I notice people make special efforts this day to express their emotional pampering towards their dates. Their togetherness and care are spread out and advertised everywhere in social media. I wishfully hope that they speak out the same level of love and longings to their dates as lavishly communicated publicly in the social media.

Going with the trend of time, I also would like to think this day as the date day. But I find something missing as in a jig-saw puzzle. How can this one particular day in the calendar be justifiably considered as the date day? Does it not imply that the other days are inferior in relation to the various fancy expressions made concerning one’s date? To me it sounds very insulting and demeaning to tell my Date that she is particularly special one day and not so special the rest of the days. 

A New Beginning

For me I find it more logical and truthful to consider that in this year #2K20, all 366 days in the calendar are my Date days. Ever since the day we saw each other with that never-to-be-forgotten boldness, and our sights pierced through each other’s physical bodies, so lavishly painted with bright and bubbling youthfulness, to see the hitherto never seen shy blush automatically gush out, something inside us strongly ordered both of us that this was the day we would never ever forget. We were immersed in a novel, never encountered feeling bursting out from somewhere deep within us. Realization of it was secondary, but the primary was the truth that this was the day we dashed into our permanent Dates. Those few seconds of sight and feelings have been more vivid with every passing day ever since. We found our Dates much before there were proposing, permission, consent, preparations and the magic promise “I do”. And both of us have been doing with increasing understanding of what we had then promised to do.

I do agree that a day of reminder is good but only for those who keep on forgetting their Dates. For our 35 years of coexistence and 35+7 years of dating, we have not needed to be reminded as to who our date is. I have not needed to butcher a red rose to tell my Date that she still remains my Date. I find it disrespectful to my Date to pluck the red rose ruthlessly from the garden, which she has been taking care of for so long to bring it to this embodiment of beauty and graceful softness. I would rather let it live its full live time of bloom and beauty, thereby rewarding my Date with the pleasure of achievement and creativity, which she can be proud of. I see cruelty in plucking out so many beautiful roses, only to litter them on the roads the next day and to clog the municipal drainage systems. Why does it not dawn on the people that the fate of the symbol of their love is warning them loudly to realize their insensitivity and start loving their dates in its true sense?

Exuberant Life

Happy Date Day And The Daily Reminders Of The Day.  

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