Ageing Privilege

This moment is already history even while I am writing this and I have no option button to choose from. It is a milk spilt and we have a general tendency to cry over it, as the old saying is established in it’s negative footing. But here I am to share something contrary to the general impression about the pain of ageing, which was impressed upon, at least to me, by our society and social norms.

I have been exploring and inventing the privileges of ageing and I am enjoying it fully within my grasp, to the best of my understanding. The pleasant surprise of every passing day for me is that the inventory of these privileges are growing and the horizon of enjoyment is expanding all around. I feel I am getting younger everyday and even getting surprising guts to do away with any inhibition to throw tantrums around and not care about what others will say about it. Least bothered about hypocritical etiquette and in “who cares” mode.

This has made me look back and realize what true wealth of life I had missed inadvertently, by chasing the temporal wealth and making futile efforts to grab it in exchange for the irreversible moments of life, which is now a history. Bygone is bygone, no regret about it. Rather I am happy that such time of training was available to me to learn the precious lessons of life. Only that the training time, in my view, was too long, proving my long held conviction that I am a slow but steady learner.

I find mathematical principles working prominently in ageing. Some aspects of life like, experience, carefree and easygoing attitude, instances of medical ailments and care, tantrums, etc. are seen to be directly proportional to it. On the other hand, things like, mobility, physical strength and speed, appetite, digestibility, memory power, immunity to seasonal changes, and such likes are inversely proportional to ageing.

Ageing may be understood differently by every individual. Technically, everybody is ageing moment by moment, day by day, year by year. We are one day older than yesterday. But the ageing I have in mind at this time, especially considering the enjoyable privileges attached with it, is the time when I got myself untangled from the 9 to 5 compulsory job engagement. When I got free from the long held one track routine, I found myself more constructive and innovative in thoughts processing. This gave me opportunities to see things differently in a wider perspective, and I have been immensely enjoying grabbing those opportunities. These golden moments of beautiful thoughts are so much in number, that I fail to get hold of them. A huge portion of them slip by because I am short of required capacity to embrace them in my fold.

With the above introductory background of ageing, it will be injustice from my part to put my pen (keyboard) down without spelling out any example of privilege associated with it. Well, there are many of them. But here I just want to whisper one of them, which I see as the prominent one and thus enjoy scrupulously. Privilege numero uno of ageing – You have reasons to readily accept what you cherish. Corollary, you can easily reject the things you detest. In other words, it becomes very easy to find meaning of the book titled: Do Not Say Yes When You Want To Say No. (Herbert Fensterheim)

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