To My Busy Friend

I have a message of very high urgency to be given to some of my close friends: “Dear friends, please take time to breathe.”

This message sounds simple and irrelevant but lo and behold, it is neither simple nor irrelevant. This message is specifically aimed at those friends who are, or profess to be very, very busy, no time even to breathe. Therefore, I am highly concerned that they should not forego breathing and as a result, find it too busy to live. Such a situation would leave many of their important errands undone, thereby, putting the whole universal ecosystem upside down. As a result we all will suffer. The present humanity is at stake, thus the urgency level of this message is very high.

Once upon a time, this earth of ours had a vibrant institution called the Post Office, something like the well known, all pervasive IT of these days, but in an old time format. In those times Aunty Page used to send my college tuition fees and other expenses through Money Order and waited eagerly to receive an acknowledgement note from me along with some report of how I was doing with my studies. But I used to be so “busy” with my studies, I would not have any time to write a letter and drop it at the post box. Then Aunty would invariably counter my excuse with her firm voice “Lazy people are busy people”.

The above phrase invariably pops up in my mind, with ever increasing convincing beep, whenever I happen to hear any dear friend of mine repeating my old phrase “I got too busy”. I very well knew then, without any doubt, that my excuse phrase was 100% a lie. To this day, I have never found any reason to contradict that this phrase stands to be a 100% true lie. Everytime any of my friends, (by the way who is not my friend?) stoops down to make use of this phrase, I am concerned for their wellbeing and health. Concerned not only because they told a lie to the society, but more so because they added one more disturbing guilty feeling in their mind and memory. The ever growing accumulation of such feelings of guilt, by nature, has the sure tendency of encroaching upon and devouring our peace of mind, with every reminder of our guilt act. Needless to say, a continuously disturbed mind is the high yield production wing, churning many nasty mental and physical ailments to us humans. Therefore, my concern is that my dear friends should not suffer by making use of this poison potion phrase “I am too busy”. 

I highly cherish and long to be in touch with like minded friends. I also enjoy hearing from those friends who have the innate attitude of refuting anything they hear. Because from such people I can learn a lot by seeing the perspective of things, in a way I would not be able to see on my own. But I am saddened when people hesitate or avoid to initiate any communication of any type with me. Leave aside them initiating any touch base, many of them don’t even bother to respond to my efforts to be in touch with them. This becomes very disheartening. The excuse most of the time is the same old excuse of mine to Aunty Page “I got too busy”. So busy that they have no time to return the calls they missed. No time to respond to message inquiries. No time at all to answer an email, not even to acknowledge it by just touching a Reply button. People of old had proclaimed that a man was a social animal. That now looks to have been a history. The present attitude of human beings indicates that a man is a secluded animal.

Lazy people make hazy excuses of busy schedules of crazy appointments, being cosy with lousy engagements, leading to dizzy heads due to fizzy drinks at a dingy location with a noisy environment of messy look, packed with cringey people displaying nosy pride. 

Dear Friends, stop showing busy, don’t be lazy, make life easy with a planned time tally. We cannot create time, it is given to us, therefore, very precious. Utilizing it properly or wasting it lazily is in our choice. One renders life beautifully joyous, other turns it deathly burdensome. Choice is ours to pick. So, Lazy busy or Easy cosy??? If not “busy”, please be in touch.

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