Writings on the wall

The present lock-down of many cities in the world has brought down the pollution levels in those cities. The air pollution due to particle suspension has drastically reduced. The sight pollution caused by overcrowded vehicular traffic and their road-rage are almost nil. As a result of it, the irritating sound pollution is also very much reduced. We can see it in our neighborhood and the aerial and satellite pictures published in various media are undeniable proof of it. 

Can we receive an important message being conveyed to us from all corners of this earth of ours?

That the life giving nature is showing its ability, through this example of Covid-19, to reclaim the territory we humans, in our greed and corporal selfishness, have been forcefully snatching from it. There have been warnings in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires, and different kinds of natural calamities. But this Covid-19 has surpassed the overall impact of many previous ones in social, economic and psychological countings. 

If we humans still do not take heed to what the nature is trying to convey to us in terms of our responsibility of nurturing it, and instead, kept on exploiting it ruthlessly, then it is not any big deal for any thoughtful mind to prophesy for sure that there will soon be another blow of exponential greatness from the same nature, and again the mankind will have to bear the brunt of it. Pity that our empty arrogance does not permit us to learn from the historical events and thereby correct our lifestyle. Instead, it has been seen that we tend to be more adamant and find ways to harmfully exploit our natural resources more selfishly in the name of developments. Few so called development initiatives which have infused more harm than good to the social structure and very being of we humans are industrial revolution, cultural revolutions, urbanization, globalization, mobility explosion, IT boom, to mention a few. All these terms look to be highly welcome developments for us on the surface of it, but only when put to use judiciously, without allowing human greed to misuse them or overuse them to social detriment. I do believe the reader is well conversant with the negative impacts all such development initiatives and inventions are dumping on our society. 

Our conscience and common sense always keeps knocking on us to say that we are going the wrong way in making use of the natural resources placed in our disposal to take benefit from and to enjoy them. These resources are put under our dominion to act responsibly with them. But if we forget our natural responsibility, ignore the inner voice of rightful direction and warning, for greedily exploiting the resources for satisfying our selfish desires, then, as evident in the present pandemic, nature has its own way and strength to discipline us to put back on the right track. If only we were humble enough to take heed of the writings on the wall.

What a day to wish for the freedom-loving social animal – Happy lock-down and social distancing!!!   

6 thoughts on “Writings on the wall

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  2. Saw that Bill had shared this and came over to read. I agree completely. Hopefully we will learn the lesson and change our behavior. The life giving nature will self-correct, one way or the other.


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