Virtues of Vices

Lockdown of houses, neighborhoods, cities and nations has opened up our minds to meditate on the value and vanity of life.

Leisurely spent days have made us realize what invaluable time we wasted in supposedly busy days.

Work from home has proven that our effective productivity did not depend on the mere presence in our office but on the amount of work we completed.

Longer physical presence together with spouse and children, though forcefull, has made us realize that, our family is first compared to professional jobs.

Cleaner air and quieter surroundings as a result of lockdown, are making it evident that we humans are the sole cause of air and sound pollution which, in turn, are the cause of so many physical and mental health problems.

Nature has forcefully put a strong brake on the fast pace of our business activities. Can we take it as an important lesson that we were creating natural imbalance by over-speeding and trying to outpace nature in our ignorance?

Depletion and lack of our physical and mental immunity is loudly telling that we have to change our way of life.

Hygiene, discipline and rest are far more important than luxury, lavishness and busyness; Health more than wealth; Disbursing more than hoarding; Giving more than grabbing; cooperating more than competing; consoling more than condemning; listening with interest more than loathing with irritation; rowing along more than rushing ahead; Judicious consumption more than overproduction.

Time to look back and see if the so-called established development milestones of industrialization, globalization, urbanization, transportation boom, etcetera have brought in real improvement in the happiness quotient in us or have they only made us busy in a damaging and wasteful fast pace, busy dying moment by moment in the pursuit of life, like a dog chasing its own tail. The present crisis situation has given us time to think and identify the vices which we have considered as virtues so far. They are so deeply engraved in our competitive social culture, it is not easy to recognize their reality first, if identified, it is still harder to speak against them without inviting social indignation. But if only a handful of socially minded people are prepared to take this bitter pill, then the future of our society is going to be hale and healthy, as nature wants us to be. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

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