Subject to Change

The dictionary meaning of the words of our languages have so limited coverage that they fail to fully or rightly communicate the real and situational intent of our mind to others. This is exemplified by the 180° turnaround some words and phrases have taken in the present scenario:

We like to be always so ‘positive’ about everything but the lustre of ‘positivity’ has been dimmed by the Corona-positive.

Social get-togethers, holding hands in unison, embracing one another in love, keeping your door open for any stranger, giving a healing touch, caressing the mourner with consolation, Hi-five of celebration, all such expressions of virtue have worn the gloom of vice.

On the other hand, the social vices of untouchability, social boycotting, keeping some groups of people at safe distance, looking down upon some particular people or profession are being resorted to as the new forms of virtue necessitated by the prevailing world situation. 

A recent expression by an experienced writer friend of mine made me realize that our ‘thought’ is an art, which is endowed with so much of metaphysical qualities and contents, that any articulated word or expression of any language of human utterance cannot communicate it’s expanse with full justice. Human ‘thoughts’ are not limited by the boundary of scientific authentication and proving on the bases of human invented and developed physical meters and data.

I consider it our inherent responsibility to see any situation from a constructive angle. So is true with this instance of language handicap in our expression of thoughts. Can the reader see with me the extent of responsibility you and I have, to explore and invent the words in our languages, so that people may be able to communicate their vastness of thoughts, explicitly and satisfactorily to each other? Let’s bring about change for the betterment of the society we are part of. 

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