Degradation in Migration

Nothing chose its origination

All are gifts through presentation.

TKP Photo

I didn’t chose my parents or my nation

I am placed in a nature-destined station

Rightly fitting for my given time and location

Then why desire for a strange destination?

I am sent to perform specific job allocation

Rightly trained for neighbourhood socialization

Naturally equipped to do the given vocation

Then why long for a misfit job allocation?

I am uniquely specific and only one in all creation

No other person is exactly like me in any nation

Ample peace and rest in humble obedience of creation

Then why complain of my naturally placed situation?

No other person is of my unique pre-disposition

Others do and have their share of their allocation

All we do and possess is specific to our situation

Then why compare myself with others in competition?

I’m destined to occupy this slot of time and location

This slot is stored plentifully for my action and satisfaction

I’m equipped and ordained to excel and enjoy my mission

Then why should devilish dissatisfaction lure for migration? 

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