Creation Overpowering the Creator – A Deception

(English version of the original Nepalese language post कृतिले कर्ता छिचोलेको भ्रम)

The day the creation overpowered the creator

The day the material overtook the maker

The day the pot wheeled the potter  

The day the moon hid the sun 

The day of mid-day eclipse – the dark day 

The day of deception that the darkness had won over the light 

Oh no! How come I got deceived 

Deception empowered, lost the straight sight 

How to call the darkness a day – it’s a night 

A time of blinding darkness – a night 

Unable to see the self – so dark a night 

A night of fooling pride of deceptive knowledge 

A night of ignorant state of deception 

A night where the darkness is identified as illumination

But a tiny firefly tears down a huge mass of darkness 

A passing eclipse cannot deny the pervading power of the sun

Light need not chase out the darkness, it automatically disappears 

The night the pot wheeled the potter 

The night the material overtook the maker 

The night the creation overpowered the creator 

The night humans analysed God

Let’s hope the night disappears at the dawn 

The warm light illuminates the vision clear 

Deception of night succumbs to the light of truth 

Then the celebration of joy ushers – 

The day the pot submitted to the potter

The day the material uplifted the maker

The day the creation praised the creator

The day humans worshiped God

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