In Favor Of Nature-Gifted Technology

Until only few weeks ago the revered, respected, unmovable strongmen, feared and obeyed, ‘Old is Gold’-er teachers, instructors, mentors, religious leaders and rite performers – all the oldies with vividly protruding fattened knowledge of all the world and beyond, were being heard to be complaining with synchronized pitch that the modern YouTubers and FaceBookers genre of teachers and instructors have downgraded and cheapened the serious faced deliberation of knowledge and wisdom, preached false teachings and deceived the society by publishing anything and everything in the internet. This novel genre of technology-fed, infant teachers have been blamed to have lowered the standard of teaching by making it easily and flexibly available to everybody anywhere in an economic way. So far these oldies were the sole owners of this profession of so called heavy, deep and undecipherable knowledge business. In fact, it is not difficult to see that the main reason behind this sharp and nasty accusation from this established sector is that the hefty respect and remuneration they had been enjoying so far was now being eroded by this new development. It is not that there were no exceptions but the majority of the oldies had been clearly expressing their discomfort over the technology taking over the field from their established monopoly situations. It is still fresh in our minds the example of transport operators fighting hard to maintain their syndicate system due to fear of a need to let go of their high profit margin.

Lo and behold, today the same so called elite group of strongmen, who portrayed teaching, preaching and educating to be a tough nut to crack, are seen to be humbled due to the fear of losing their once secure coterie and reaching the society with their profession, through the same internet based YouTube, FaceBook and similar other channels. One is bound to wonder how mighty this invisible tiny lump of protein is, which, by virtue of its dreaded spread worldwide, has compelled this group of strongmen to bow down humbly and rely on the very technology they had been so arrogantly opposing this far.

This instance has a clear message of high importance to all of us that we, the humans, have no strength whatsoever to oppose nature. Therefore, let us learn to move ahead with nature, never trying to overtake it.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post (प्रकृति-प्रदत्त प्रविधी पक्ष)

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