Total or Partial

We are told, shown, instructed, inculcated and trained

We hear, see, experience and even seem to understand 

We think that we got it in totality as it was intended to be

But have we really got it in the fullness of  its totality?

Complete or Left out

We think our information is complete to the core

Nothing on the subject is left out, forgotten or diluted

Nothing overdone, nothing undermined, not corrupted

But can there be any information that is exhaustive?

Source Reliability

We consider our information source to be sacrosanct

Nothing in darkness, no delusion, all transparent

We think that we take all things from the Omniscient

But what about the distortions through traditional inertia?

Terms of Principles

We stand strong on some principles and dogmas

Which are articulated in words of human languages

We vouch to know the full meaning of all such words    

But are such principles practiced in the terms of the Providence?

Knowledge or Ignorance

We profess to know and prefer to teach rather than learn

We enjoy to tell others rather than give ear to their views

We love to give a piece of our mind as a sure shot potion

But are we humble enough to consider hearing from the Truth?

Perception or Deception

There is a world of luring deception lurking to engulf us all

With lucrative visions of knowledge, wealth, respect and gale

Perception of reality is achieved in the humility of searching heart

Are we prepared to prefer humble perception to drowning deception?

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