Invisible Preacher- Visible Message

The ghastly global catastrophe is shouting out loud and clear,

A warning message against the current pace of over-urbanization.

Can you hear it now or as yet you think it is unclear? 


In order to move on the path of sustainable progress 

As ordained by the Giver of nature for its propagation process, 

It is necessary to be rational by following the path of natural morality.

Different activities propagated against the natural process

For fast, fleeting and aggressive development 

With an aim to overtake the pace of nature,

Are ultimately bound to bring in not progress but huge damage,

Not wealth but losses unfathomable, not peace of mind but giant of worries.

Not rest but endless haste, not wellbeing but deathly burnings.

The options are with us, we are the ones to choose – 

To follow the pace of nature or to give in to overambitious greed?

To override the fellowmen or to make them progress partners?

Aggression with the killer instinct or becoming a companion of compassion?


Flowers bloom in their nature-appointed season, swaying in the given rhythm.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post अदृष्य वाचक – प्रष्ट प्रसार)

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