Piercing Praises In An Interview

The sharp questioning skills of an expert journalist, 

The trick of drawing the answer you want. 

The tricky twisting of a neatly woven garland, 

The cunning ways of pushing into a marshland. 


The presenter is dominant over the presentee,

Sea of flatteries with an aim to garner a benefit.

Expert showmanship to trick the audience, 

Everything set up for a trade promotion menace.

Who cares even if the acting farce flares, 

The organization will slide over all cares,

Who cares about the fate of the presenter?

What will happen to the prestige of the interviewee?


Only a handful of interviewers put up honest queries,

Aiming to serve the audience with the truth revealed, 

A deep reverence always to the tiny team of such journalists, 

Instrumental in serving the society with right information.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post अन्तर्वार्ताको भाला र प्याला)

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