Virtuous Affectionate Village

Tricky Freaky City 

Do not be entangled in city dreams my friend 

Piles of garbage here have poison air upend 

Terror of corrupt robbers cover every bend

Expanse of pollution and disease is with no end.

Daily rising prices spread havoc in monopoly 

Governance and security are in slumber unholy 

Corporate workplaces are labor-exploiters only

Only slaved flatterers can become office friendly.

Market propagation is based on the tricky lies

Businesses  aim to loot the others for own rise

Cities are now becoming dens of crime and vice

Shameless corruption has become the earning device. 

Shining Mining Village  

Let’s learn to enjoy our hometown surrounding

Learning to love the place of our birth and upbringing  

The family we are in is not picked up by our choosing   

God’s natural provision put us in the care of that housing.

That same family values molded our mental shape 

And their uninterrupted attention kept us ever safe 

The village united as one family at times of unrest 

Now it is for us to lift up our village by doing our best.  

Deceptive dreams of the cities are not to be found here 

The fragrance of sweet labor is spread everywhere 

Upright, honest and satisfied in carrying out God’s affair 

The village now deserves youthful energy as its fair share.

Fearful City, Peaceful Village 

Let’s devote our attention in villages, watering it with our sweat 

Pour out our skills as suitable for the land surroundings 

By covering the hills with priceless herbal vegetations

And the spread out plains with flourishing food grains.

Go for the high yielding plantations and animal farmings 

Honor and conserve the nature by progressing in its pace 

Enjoy the freedom to work and eat of our best taste

No slavery, no coercion, no worry of insecurity and waste.

Village is beautiful, work towards making it more so

Let’s put our mind here, mining wealth and finding joy

Then visit the cities at leisure time to see their vanity 

Know that our village is sans the havoc of a busy city.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post आफ्नै गाउँ रोजौं मित्र)

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