What an irony:

How long to drag on with these ritualistic festivals?

Tormenting the household to show off to the outsiders?

The plague is devouring the world, why not sympathize with them?

You are hollow inside, why blow your trumpet of boasting?

If you desire righteousness then bring smile to weaker neighbor,

Instead of showing off, be sensitive to your own household,

Stop wasting on drunkenness but spread happiness by sharing, 

Keep clear of pretence but take pride in your actual status. 


All religious islands shout out their own self-proclaimed superiority

Loudly claiming love, forgiveness and unity as their exclusivity, 

while in action, the poor are pushed out and the rich are kept in proximity   

Rooted in them are the vices of bitterness, revenge and drought of unity.

Fierce competition among them all in shouting out ‘love all’,

But in practice they all excel in sucking their neighbors dry, 

Uttering as god they preach the ways of truth, peace and love,

But in action they serve to spread jealousy, fight and hatred.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post कस्तो विडम्बना:)

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