When to Wake up?

Everybody acts to be omniscient, taking the other to be a blight,

Considering the self alone to be right, as if the other has no ear or sight.

Raising high the haughty height, scaring others with vulgar might.

Then how to reach a meeting point and to set the wrong to right?

The rulers and authorities are busy in kinsmen care,

On the issues of others they have no time to spare;

Any accusation of inaction is brushed off as unfair, 

Making rules to enrich oneself by snatching others’ share. 

Proclaiming to be in societal service, Advertising to be helping the poor,

Actually looking for an earning service, Respectable begging profession to ensure;

Throwing some pennies to the poor, to keep them lazy and always expecting;

The status of the poor goes bad to worse, the service agent grows in social status.

What to say of the teachers, reformers, leaders and motivators,

Lucrative profession of ease and respect with no one to report to;

No instruction to follow, routine of self pleasure, places of own choice;

Who will answer for the pervasive crime, corruption and moral decay?

Immoral moral laws, crime breeding criminal policies, where to find a hope?

When the wardens commit the crimes then where should the victims go?

Where the wolf takes the place of the shepherd, the sheep become his feast,

The society is plagued with filthy corruption, high time to wake up from the slumber.

(English version of the original Nepalese language post कहिले जाग्ने हो?)

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