Inevitability of Equilibrium

This is an attempt to express a thought which has been pricking my mind for a while now. Because of the widespread instances of incongruous and painfully biting non-conformity in the thought, speech and acts of lives, my thought life for sometime now has been experiencing being entangled and burdened. This thought has been reemphasized and widened by this Corona pandemic to include the earth and celestial systems, highlighting the importance of the act of equilibrium in all creation, showing the certainly dangerous results in the absence of such a balance.

The word equilibrium or balance implies finding equality or similarities when comparing two or more things. The synonyms of this expression can be found in similar, equitable, fitting, right, etc. In a traditional mechanical scale, the holding plates are far from each other until the weights in them are the same, when they have the same weight in both of them then they are in the same plane, nearest to each other. We consider such a state to be right, acceptable, equitable, fitting, peaceful, comfortable, etc.

The stark need for such rational balance was first realized in the so called ‘religious’ organizations that I came in touch with, in way of the rampant incongruities between their claimed principles and the evident acts they practice This can clearly be realized by observing the confusion, infightings and difficulties caused by the evident imbalance in their areas of concepts, principles and practices.

We see many religious organizations based on various philosophies and faiths. In any single religious organization, we find many groups and sub-groups separating themselves from others on the basis of a petty line of thought and everyone of them claiming to be the real, true, genuine or purer than others. If we observe closely, we see that the teachings of the promulgators of all such groups are seen to be in the same line of goodness. All of them claim to be operating their organizations on the bases of social respect, inclusivity, helping the weaker persons, coexistence not only between humans but also between humans and nature, thankfulness towards the creator, and such like teachings as based on their scriptures. But their practices seen and experienced in reality are just the opposite of what most of them claim to be the teachings of their scriptures. 

None of them say that their teachings and directives are for the discrimination, rejection, supression, obliteration through competition, snatching the livelihood of own future generation by over usage of natural sources and stores, consider a prestige to have greedy hoarding, wastage of God given precious time in/for taking pride in acquiring useless, argumentative and impractical knowledge and degree accumulations. But in the pages of history books and in present day information and experience, it is evident that between religious groups and even between intra-religious groups and sub-groups , such divisions, mudslinging, rejection, regression, leg pulling, competitions, etc. are seen in plenty. Many lives and properties have been lost in the wars and battles ignited by the reasons of religions.The creator of life established a natural system so that the human race can take care and enjoy the earth filled with storage and potential of reproduction and regeneration capacities. But instead of carrying out the given responsibility with thankfulness, humans have been treating the creator as their servant and have been keeping self in the place of deciding lordship. The ungrateful attitude of human race is evident in their act of naming and creating self made gods with the quality of their limited knowledge, putting themselves in self proclaimed religious groups, keeping the creator in place of their pet animal whom they are feeding and caressing to get good service from, they are flattering themselves with strife and/or pseudo-peace.

There is no need for any philosophical formula to contemplate on what  the result of such practices will be. But this musings attempts to estimate the possible causative factor which is instrumental in initiating such lowly practices, rather than to talk about the results of such behavior. When the creator handed over their task to the humans, He enabled them with conscience. Humans became the only living being with conscience as this faculty was not given to any other being. But disgustingly, with passing of time, instead of making good use of this internally placed conscience humans started going astray by the usage of external limited knowledge in place of it. As a result, they went on even to contain the creator within the boundary of self propagated limited knowledge. Confusion was inevitable when the source and provider of all definitions was bound within one’s ignorant definition. Nobody has seen God and understood Him in totality. But whoever saw whatever in sight within his horizon started proclaiming his sight as the full picture. More the observers, more the observations; how can unity be possible when everyone takes a side of their own partial sight as the full vision and branding the thoughts of others as false? Thus, many religious groups came into existence, sub-groups also sprouted and none of them dared to reach a consensus with others. With the rise in the number of groups and cults, the instances of long lasting disunity and fighting also increased in human society. 

If we are ready to humble ourselves and give ear to our inner selves and then imbibe on the revelations received by others, it is not impossible to see the creator ‘s inclusive characteristics in a balanced light, not only from one or two or few angles but from a spectrum of plurality. For this it is not necessary to be carried away by any man-made ‘religion’, only if one puts aside the pride of one’s possession of knowledge, listens to others and judges the same with the inbuilt conscience, then one can get enough light on the creator of all life systems, as much as the creator has planned one to know him and live according to that plan.

But the pivotal question remains, is the human race ready to search for a balance in the thoughts of others by being humble through abandoning one’s haughty mind?

The need for balance is not only in thought zones, but it is equally necessary in the spiritual, educational and physical sectors as well. The innumerable  celestial objects, as an effect of rightly balanced magnetic energy, from the very beginning of their formation, for their coexistence, have been moving continually, as per the assigned system of speed, route, situation and location. They have never once gone astray by making their own decision to any other route or speed or inclination than the ones assigned for them. The discipline of their movement is so accurate that all the astrological calculations are based on their locations and movements. We cannot even imagine what would happen if they had to have an iota of mistake in their equilibrium.We can see the nearest example natural balancing system in the continuity of human life. Whatever lowly acts of damage this human race has done in the choice of gender, nature has always maintained the necessary balance between the number of men and women to give continuity to this race. A well balanced growth and timely destruction can be seen in the life of any living being from its coming into existence through conception till its death. For the development of humankind in the areas of physical, mental and intellectual areas,a well balanced situation is necessary right from its foetal stage, in the absence of which various types of distortions and disabilities set in.

Nature is seen to carry out the life operating systems conforming to complete maintenance of equilibrium, but the human race is inflicting self damage by its selfish and thoughtless actions of disobeying the necessary process of maintaining equilibrium set in by natural systems. The widespread  and unchecked exploitation of natural resources due to the greed of hoarding unnecessary wealth can be taken as a stark example of this act. It should not be any difficult to see how this has destroyed the balance between nature and humans. Due to this very reason pollution causing industries are in excessive growing spree, as a result of which, unmanageable urbanization is growing owing to the excessive growth of human settlements in limited geographical areas. In such densely populated areas, the naturally available sources of clean water, air and vegetation is insufficient for the sustenance of healthy living of such excessively dense population, resulting in irreparable damaging effects in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of people in those areas. Plagues and diseases are growing, prices are rising, work pressure (thus, busyness) is growing due to high competitiveness, no time is available for the minimum necessary exercise and rest for the body, the relationship with family and society is being depleted to the extent of extinction, the list of such situations of negative effects are growing on daily basis. It is evident that all such discrepancies are setting in due to the reason of humans not giving necessary importance to keep themselves in equilibrium with nature.

As yet, nature can abundantly supply all our necessities, if this human race, understands this to be inevitable for existence and goes ahead with making commitments of improvements, in cooperation with nature, leaving behind the self damaging activities being done so far. 

But the pivotal question of high importance remains, will the human race be ready to embrace the thought of returning to nature provided behavior of equilibrium by leaving the competitiveness and greed of unnecessary hoarding of wealth, which have already become its present lifestyle?

English version of earlier posted Nepalese सन्तुलनको अनिवार्यता

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